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Raiford Palmer Named a Fellow in Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois

The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois named Raiford D. Palmer a Fellow on May 21, 2008.  To be admitted as a Fellow requires four full days of training in collaborative technique and communication skills, submission of a detailed application, and approval by peers in the Institute.  Fellowship also requires continuing training and education.  The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois promotes the resolution of cases collaboratively as opposed to resolving them via litigation.  The idea is to save clients from the cost of litigation both financially and emotionally, and to get families on the path to rebuilding lives and moving on sooner.  This means meeting across a conference table rather than in the courthouse - working together to settle differences in a controlled environment as opposed to using the court to decide disputes.  Mr. Palmer is proud to be associated with the Institute and believes the approach will help a large number of clients. 

Not every case is suited for a collaborative approach, but our firm believes in the Collaborative approach and will be glad to discuss it with you.   Call 630.665.7676 to schedule an office consultation.